95077 goes to Rossiya
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Source 24OCT2016

Rossiya (FV, St. Petersburg) will replace some of its fleet of A319-100s with SSJ 100-95s parent firm, the Aeroflot Group, has revealed.

In an Investor's Day prospectus seen by ch-aviation, the Russian carrier group says it will place twenty SuperJets with Rossiya between 2016 and 2021 while at the same time retiring fifteen older A319s. One of the first jets to arrive will be RA-89037 (msn 95077), a new-build hull which is on lease from VEB-Leasing and which has yet to be delivered from Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (Ramenskoye).

The move is part of an Aeroflot Group policy to increase the proportion of Russian-manufactured aircraft operating across its four subsidiaries.

Rossiya currently employs twenty-six A319s, five A320-200s, seventeen B737-800s, seven B747-400s, two B777-200(ER)s, and five B777-300s. Five B777-300(ER)s on lease from AerCap are also expected to arrive before year-end.

In terms of utilization, Rossiya tends to use its A320 and B737-800 fleets for scheduled flights while its B777s and B747s are used on charter flights as well as flights to the Far East.

25 Oct 2016 22:37

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