First Sukhoi Superjet 100 Delivered to Interjet (Mexico)
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This is a translation of the original article in Russian


Today at the Le Bourget Air Show a significant milestone in the Superjet’s history has been achieved: The first aircraft was handed over to the Mexican airline Interjet. Altogether, Interjet has ordered 20 planes with an option for 10 more.


1. But before that, a contract had to be signed between Ilyushin Finance Co (IFC) and Sukhoi Civilian Aircraft Company (SCAC) for 20 Sukhoi Superjet 100’s. One the contact was signed the participants went on to tour the plane.


2. The General Director of IFC Mr. Alexander Rubtsov, the President of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Mr. Pogosian, and the SCAC President Andrei Kalinovsky are examining the new interior of the Superjet.


3. Interjet has a very tough requirements for passenger's comfort.


4. Everyone appeared to be pleased with the new interior


5. Welcome aboard Interjet!


6. Interjet is the largest player in the domestic market in Mexico. The airline aspires to become the largest Mexican carrier in the international market as well. Interjet bet on Superjet 100, as it offers the most spacious interior in its class, rivalling the level of passenger comfort aboard larger aircraft.


7. After the Le Bourget exhibition the plane will be flying to Venice, where its registration will be changed to the Mexican one. From there, it will be soon flying to its new home base in Mexico.


8. New cabin interior designed by the Italian company Pininfarina.


9. Interjet has very strict requirements to the quality of the interior customization, the passenger comfort being a highest priority.


10. Huge baggage racks, very generous seat pitch, TV screens, showing the view from an externally mounted camera ( AFAIK Superjet 100 is the first regional jet to have this feature).


11. The Italian interior turned out to be very pleasant


12. Airview is filming the Superjet 100 cockpit


13. Interjet has decided not to install the screens for electonic documentation, hence the “clipboards” for maps and charts are installed


14. The chief pilot of Superjet International Agostino Frediani in the captain’s seat.


15. The aircraft painting and cabin interior installation was carried out in Venice


16. In my opinion, the livery turned out to be rather lively and upbeat.


17. The event has attracted a lot of people


18. A couple of speeches .. the usual stuff :)


19. The formal statement was short, but emotional in the true Italian style


20. Afterwards everybody went to see the plane interior


21. New Mexican owners scrutinized the interior, examined shelves, seats and just had fun


22. As I have already mentioned, the seat pitch is huge – while in seated position, I couldn't reach the row of seats in front of me.


23. Fotografersha demonstrates what the seat pitch of 34” does look like. This kind of pitch was made possible by using a single-class layout (93 economy seats).


24. Everyone was pleased with the new cabin interior


25. Welcome aboard Interjet. See you soon in Mexico!


19 Jan 2014 21:41

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