Mexican chilli pepper (Re: SSJ in Interjet)
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This is a translation of the original article in Russian

This article is in dire need of proof-reading.

The source: Alexey Viper

If traditional and simple cuisine daily bored, then we want to make some experiment for getting new sensations. Sometimes one small hot pepper pod is able to radically change the taste of the meal. But we will not be talking today about cooking, however culinary principles can be fully applied to the aviation industry.

How the small company that possessed at the start of its activities seven aircrafts only, was able to catch up and overtake the biggest operators, which were born a long time ago? How the carrier which sells its tickets at the lowest prices but offers on-board service like a traditional «full-cost» company, managed to survive and hasn't collapsed? What are the secret ingredients which allow the Interjet to make revolution in the "aviation kitchen" of Latin America?

I don’t know do they have a slogan similar to slogan of Air Asia, who writes on the board of its aircraft: «now everything can fly»! I think that the work of carrier can be characterized by the phrase "the maximum services by lowest price." Mexicans recipes give impressive results. Now Interjet fleet has 42 aircrafts, which literally live in the sky and it even seems periodically that they have to land to take a new batch of passengers and fuel only.

Young fleet, elegant interior, smiling stewardess, expensive alcohol drinks on the board are parts of the service of Interjet … Flights with a taste of pleasure and aftertaste of happiness. Cheerfulness erected in the stage of religion, and of course, it makes piquant ingredients of Interjet “kitchen” much more delicious!


01. If in Mexico the hysteria began about the age of airplanes, the same like it recently was in our country, Interjet passengers unlikely would not be involved in mass psychosis. The average age of aircraft in the airline's fleet is 6 and half years. The airline operates only two types of aircraft: Airbus A320 and the Sukhoi Superjet 100. The carrier have to get an additional 40 Airbus A320neo and 17 "Superjet". Everything is new, shiny, full pleasure.


02. Love to aesthetics here is traced throughout. White leather in cabin, "sparkling" aircrafts, sterile hangars. This airplane comes for C-Check. Not only airplane shines itself in the hangar, but every detail of the surrounding landscape: ladders, tools and people’s eyes. Look at those floors without any scratch. I would assume that the technical staff does not work in the hangar without shoe covers.


03. The work with "iron" never belonged to the clear category of job. However, we see no faded overalls! The staff wears bright blue shirt. Spotless, it is worth noting.

04. I want to repeat that the Love to aesthetics is traced here again: the aircraft temporarily "lost" its engine, but its fan cowls did not produce a black hole. It accurately is closed by printed picture with image of the compressor blades. Trifle, it would seem. But precisely with such trifles develops the company's policy: excellence and the pursuit of beauty in everything.

05. Let's go to reception.
Any bag taken on board is carefully decorated by tag. And each suitcase is supplied with a disposable seal which allows to the holder of the luggage to determine after flight, rummaged through his things somebody or not.

06. Of course, no frowning brow and angry faces. Smile, it is a mandatory element of airline staff uniforms. Passengers unwittingly begin to smile, too.

07. Our crew meets passengers with smiles, too.


08. Smiled? We can start boarding.


09. Welcome aboard!


10. Fasten your seatbelt, please.


11. Another Sukhoi Superjet 100 follows us to take off.
Another Sukhoi Superjet 100 follows us .Three aircrafts of this type, which already carrier received, "are playing catch-up" in the blue sky of the region … Today, at less than 3 months, three Mexican "Superjet" exceeded 1270 FH and 1250 FC.


12. And here is the third "brother", landing…


13. Interjet is the second largest carrier in the country.


14. First place in the country currently owns Aeromexico (Aeromexico Connect). But Interjet already bypassed its competitors (Aeromexico, Austral Lineas Aereas, Copa Airlines Columbia, Avianca) in domestic transportation.


15. Regional airplanes are very required to carrier. At a conference ALTA Airline Leaders Forum Executive Director Jose Luis Garza says that too many small cities in the country are isolated from air transport.


16. Everyone wants to fly from Mexico City to very popular Cancun, where huge crowds of tourists flock every year.


17. But few who can take obligation "to open" the route into small Masatlan. In the meantime, the flights to Masatlan, which opened recently, Interjet is using SSJ100, showing good growth trend in passenger traffic. Passenger load increased during several months with an initial 30% to 80-90%.


18. All passengers who choose this route are filling all branches of Interjet network, because in most cases they are flying by transfer to other cities in the region.


19. The presence in the fleet just two types of aircraft saves on operating costs and on training of pilots/cabin crew. Cpt. Diego Esquivel was flying on Airbus before. On the question: what is the main difference between SSJ100 and A320, he said: "In fact, there is no difference. There are some nuances, but they are minor. Training for SSJ was carried out easily. "


20. With availability in the operator's fleet of regional and mainline liners, the carrier receives the necessary "flexibility" in the development on services its network. So, putting on a flight to Masatlan the A320 with its 150 seats probably is not the best solution. But SSJ100 with its 93 chairs fit perfectly in this route.


21. Interjet does not save the money for service on board, and tries to look a little further, knowing that the invested money will return with new passengers. People appreciate the human relation to them and do not like "additional service" where the printout of boarding pass could be done for 40 euro. Therefore, the airline adheres to its own standards in the service. (Ерунда в переводе) The distance between the seats is 34 inches in A320, and in SSJ100.

22. During selection of regional aircraft for its fleet the management Interjet evaluated not only operating costs and performance characteristics, but also the level of comfort, which is directly related to the volume of the cabin. "Passenger coming on board from A320 should not experience discomfort in regional aircraft, because his suitcase was lying in the luggage rack of airbus, but here it does not fit? Such scenario is unacceptable for us".


23. "Unifying comfort between all types of airplanes, we have ensured that passengers simply do not see the difference between the aircrafts" said Jose Luis Garza. "Of course, people are not experts, but they are able to assess the elegance of interior and for sure they can feel the comfort of seats with their own bodies.”


24. Interjet does have its own maintenance staff. Most of the work is carried out at night time, because at morning all airplanes will go from hangar for performance of commercial flights. The base airport is Toluca, where they now using 2 hangars for different kind of technical works.


25. The second hangar was built recently. Here is a photo which has been done three years ago; we can see the one hangar only.


26. During the next 2 years 3 new hangars will be built.
The airline's fleet is growing rapidly and technical power should outpace this growth.


27. Also Interjet provides training for Airbus pilots. Airlines training center is equipped with a FFS for A320. Soon there will be installed FFS for the Sukhoi Superjet 100.


28. All passengers in the cabin of the new aircraft are already quite accustomed.


29. The flight Mexico — Mazatlan is completed…


30. Passengers are going to the beach, but the crew did not forget to smile again.

31. Again to sky.

32. It is Mexico…
Country of hot peppers, white beaches and sunny smiles. Country, where the heat is felt not only as a comfortable ambient temperature. Country, where you can feel a taste of life.

19 Jan 2014 21:25

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