Where do Superjets fly?
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This is a translation of the original article in Russian

…They are trying to conseal the fact, that these aircrafts are not capable of landing and taking off at our pre-historic airports …
Anatoly Zhurin, "Trud" (The Labor) newspaper, referring "expert" Smirnov







Former operators


Sky Aviation



Lao Central Airlines

Royal Air Maroc

Also look at the test aircraft flight maps (in Russian)

Dismantle of the myth

As we can see, Superjets are already flying to the most used country's airports. It is evident that they can fly everywhere where there is a demand for a 100 seat aircraft. While not that long ago there was a very popular myth in blogs and media regarding: "Only 5% of airports in Russia are capable to service the Superjet"(1), "it will be an airstrip vacuum cleaner", etc.

Where else did Superjets fly

See also test aircraft flight maps(in Russian)

Maps generated by Superjet100.info using the Great Circle Mapper - copyright © Karl L. Swartz.

20 Jan 2014 02:07

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