Из чего сделан А-380
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Design / Design

Sener Ingenieria & Sistemas SA Design Services: Design of belly fairing

Design / Design Software

Esterel Technologies S.A. Computer-aided Design: SCADE Suite & SCADE Display on board software development software

PACE Aerospace Engineering & Info. Technology GmbH Computer-aided Design: Cabin configuration software

Materials / Adhesives

Argosy International Inc. Adhesives: Adhesives, including film adhesives

Cytec Engineered Materials, Inc. Adhesives: Structural adhesives and bonding primers

STRUCTIL Adhesives: Structural adhesives

Materials / Chemicals

Argosy International Inc. Potting Compounds: Tooling resins; potting compunds

Materials / Coatings

Argosy International Inc. Coatings: Aerospace coatings

Chemetall GmbH Corrosion Inhibitors: Corrosion protection

Cytec Engineered Materials, Inc. Ablative Materials: Core fillers, ablatives, pan and pitch-based fibres, high-temperature sealants, potting compounds

Donaldson Co. Inc. Aerospace & Defense Rain Repellents: Donaldson rain repellant system

Mapaero Paints: Water based paint for aircraft structure & cabin interior

Nycote Laboratories Corporation Coatings: Nycote 88 nylon coating for electrical connection installations and grounding strap applications

Organic Products Co. Inspection Seals: F-900 & F925 inspection seal lacquers

Southwest United Industries, Inc. Coatings Services: HVOF coating application for landing gear parts

Materials / Composites

Argosy International Inc. Honeycomb Composites: Honeycomb core and pre-pregs

Cytec Engineered Materials, Inc. Prepregs: Pre-pregs, thermosets & thermoplastics composites, RTM resins & pre-forms, fibre-metal laminates

DuPont Company Kevlar-Reinforced Composites: Kevlar honeycomb for interior walls, flooring & wing flaps; 'Vespel' polyimide thrust reverser parts; Nomex flame-resistant fibre & paper; fluoropolymer resin wire insulation; PVF film

Euro-Composites Honeycomb Composites: Honeycomb composites for galley and lavatories

Evonik Roehm Gmbh Foam Core: 'Rohacell' foam core for rear pressure bulkhead stringers

Hexcel Composites Prepregs: HexPly M21 pre-preg for central wingbox skin; HexPly 8552 slit tape pre-preg for tailcone; RTM 6 resin; Injectex fabrics; M36 film infusion resin; Redux adhesives; HexWeb honeycombs; machined & heatformed honeycomb parts

Hitco Carbon Composites Inc Subcontracted Composite Parts: Carbon fibre truss structure (7-rib) for vertical tailplane

M. Torres Disenos Industriales S.A. Polymer Composite Tape Lay-down: Automatic tape laying machine

M.C. Gill Corporation Composite Sandwich Panels: Sandwich panels & raw materials

Magnolia Plastics, Inc. Syntactic Composites: Epoxy syntactics

Mitsubishi Rayon Co. Ltd. Prepregs: UD pre-preg, woven pre-preg, speciality resins

Showa Aircraft Industry Co. Ltd Honeycomb Composites: Aramid honeycomb materials

Ten Cate Advanced Composites Prepregs: Cetex PPS for aileron ribs, rudder leading edge parts, fixed wing leading edge, keel beam ribs & connecting angles, pylon panels, stiffeners

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. Prepregs: Carbon fibre reinforced epoxy resin prepreg for wing fairings

Tods Aerospace Ltd Composite Sandwich Panels: Lightweight sandwich panel structural flooring plinths for premium class seating areas (for Contour)

Umeco Prepregs: Carbon phenolic facesheets

Yokohama Aerospace America, Inc. Prepregs: Pre-preg for belly fairing parts

Materials / Lubricants

Orelube Corporation Synthetic Lubricants: Boelube

Materials / Metals

ALCOA Mill Products Aluminium: Sheet & plate

Amari Aerospace Ltd. Metal & Alloy Suppliers:

Latrobe Speciality Steel Company Steel: High purity vacuum remelted steels

Patricomp Oy Metal & Alloy Fabrications: Spoiler seal connection parts

Rio Tinto Alcan Aluminium: Aluminium and alloys

RTI International Metals, Inc. Titanium: Titanium products, including billet, bloom and flat-rolled

VSMPO-Avisma Corporation Titanium: Forgings & mill product

Materials / Non-metal Materials

Chemetall GmbH Fuel Tank Sealants: ; Synthetic Rubber Sealants: Fuselage sealants

Dunmore Corp. Laminates: Interior surfacing films; wrapping tapes

Fokker Aerostructures Laminates: "Glare" aluminium and glass fibre laminate (upper fuselage sections)

New Metals & Chemicals Ltd. Flame Resistant Tape: ABS 5006 silicone foam tape

Schneller Inc Laminates: Decorative laminates & floor coverings; decorative formable thermoplastic sheets for tray tops, credenzas, IFE surrounds etc

Ten Cate Advanced Composites Laminates: Cetex PEI for nacelle intake

Materials / Plastics

Fokker Aerostructures Thermoplastics: Lightweight thermoplastic composites (for the J-nose)

Tufnol Composites Ltd Plastic Components: Machined plastic components

Components / Active Electronic Components

API Delevan Inc. Electronic Components: Electro-mechanical interface devices

Diehl Aerospace GmbH Electronic Control Equipment: Doors & Slides Management System control unit; Slat/Flap control computer; Electronic Control Equipment: Doors & Slides Management System local door controllers

GE Aviation Systems Multiplexers: Concentrator/multiplexer video unit

Thales Avionics S.A. Electronic Control Equipment: Slat/Flap Control Computer

Components / Actuation

Bergen Cable Technology, LLC Mechanical Actuators: Mechanical actuators for ailerons; elevators and rudders; lockclad flight control assemblies

C.E.S.A Mechanical Actuators: Nose landing gear retraction actuator (for Messier-Dowty)

Elektro-Metall Export GmbH Electromechanical Actuators: APU air inlet door actuator

GE Aviation Systems (Whippany) Mechanical Actuators: Air generation system actuators

GE Aviation Systems, Flight Controls Mechanical Actuators: Flap/slat actuation equipment for highlift actuation system

Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH Servoactuators: Servocontrolled and electric backup hydraulic spoiler actuators; high-lift actuators; flap gear rotary actuator

Microtecnica S.r.l. Mechanical Actuators: Trimmable horizontal system actuator

Ratier Figeac Mechanical Actuators: Trimmable horizontal stabilizer actuator

Components / Bearings

Accurate Bushing Co. Inc Needle Bearings: Bearings

Aurora Bearing Company Rod End Bearings: Landing gear bearings; rod ends and special spherical bearings

Kamatics Corporation Self-Lubricated Bearings:

Minebea Co. Ltd Ball Bearings: Rod ends, spherical, miniature & instrument, large ball & cylindrical roller bearings

New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc Precision Bearings: Bearings

Rexnord PSI Aerospace Bearings Roller Bearings: Concave roller bearings

SKF Group Metallic Bearings: Landing gear titanium plain bearings

SNR Bearings USA Inc. Engine Bearings: Bearings

Components / Electrical Components

E-T-A Circuit Breakers Thermal Circuit Breakers: Circuit breakers

ECE Electrical Contacts: Power contactors for emergency distribution panel

Elektro-Metall Export GmbH Wire Harnesses: Cable harnesses for all doors; Wire Harnesses: Door wire harnesses

Fokker Aerostructures Wire Harnesses: Pylon wire harnesses

HR Smith (Technical Developments) Ltd Static Dischargers:

Labinal Wire Harnesses: Electrical Harnesses

Latecoere Wire Harnesses: Customised electrical harnesses

Components / Electrical/Electronic Connectors

HiRel Connectors, Inc. Electrical & Electronic Connectors: Connectors

Souriau Electrical & Electronic Connectors: ELIO optical contacts

Components / Fasteners

Alcoa Fastening Systems Bolts: Multi-material lock-bolts; blind bolts; wing flap fasteners; vertical stabilizer fasteners; fuel connectors; wing box fasteners; fuselage to wing connectors

Ateliers De La Hte. Garonne Solid Rivets: ; Shoulder Bolts: ; Self-Locking Bolts: Aluminium lock bolts; Fasteners: Fastener collars

Heartland Precision Fasteners Inc. Bolts: Bolts & screws

Hi-Shear Corp. Fasteners: Fasteners

Ho-Ho-Kus, Inc. Clips: Hardware clips for nacelle section

Lisi Aerospace FT Bestas Self-Locking Bolts: Large size 'Hi-Lite' pull-in bolts

Precision Castparts Corp. Fasteners: Fasteners

SFS intec Quick Release Fasteners: Side wall & ceiling panel quick-release fasteners; plastic inserts

Components / Lighting

Airsigna GmbH Cabin Lighting: Reading lights, service area lights; cabin decor lights; avionics bay light dome; area call panels

Diehl Aerospace GmbH Cabin Lighting: Cabin lighting with moodlighting options; spotlights; Aircraft Interior Lighting Systems: Cargo compartment lighting

Goodrich Interiors, Lighting Systems Aircraft Exterior Lighting Systems: Exterior lighting components including LED strobe lights, LED bay lights, LED navigation lights & assembly, wing strobe lights, LED obstruction lights, HID landing, take-off & taxi lights, HID landing gear lights, HID wing & engine scan lights, NLG & MLG taxi camera lights, HID logo lights, HID loading area lights, LED warning lights, associated power supplies & cable assemblies.

KID Systeme GmbH Cabin Lighting: Cabin interior lighting system

Schott-Lighting Aircraft Interior Lighting Systems: LED in-seat reading lights

Components / Mechanical Components

Adams Rite Aerospace, Inc. Door Locks: Cockpit door locking system

Aerofit, Inc. Fluid Fittings: Fittings

Aubert & Duval Ball Screw Assemblies: Ball screws, bearings and fasteners

Avia Marine Co., Inc. Latches: Lavatory latch

Beaver Aerospace & Defense, Inc. Ball Screw Assemblies: Ball screw for secondary cooling system

Bell-Memphis, Inc. Turnbuckles: Control cable hardware - turnbuckles

Eaton Aerospace Ltd Manifolds & Ducts: Air ducting

ECE Windshield Wipers: Windshield wiper system

ESW GmbH Ice Protection/Prevention Equipment: Ice Protection Control Unit

Hartwell Corp. Latches: Remote engine nacelle latching system

Intertechnique Ice Protection/Prevention Equipment: Anti-ice control unit

Kirkhill-TA Co. Clamps: Clamping devices, grommets, seals

National Utilities Co./NUCO Clamps: Clamps & flanges

Parker Aerospace - Stratoflex Products Div. Disconnects: Galley cooling quick disconnects & hose assemblies; hydraulic ground service quick disconnects

Rexnord Cartriseal Mechanical Seals:

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics MG Silikon Rubber & Silicone Seals: Silicon moulded, reinforced & extruded parts

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions UK Ltd Rubber & Silicone Seals: Wing seal component packages

Turbocam Europe Ltd Impellers: Fuel pump impellers

Voss Industries Inc. Flanges: Flanges/Coupling/E-seals for ducting

Components / Mechanical Connectors

Eaton Corporation Aerospace Fluid Conveyance Flexible Joints: Flex & rigid joints for ECS, APU and engine anti-ice lines

Senior Aerospace - Bird Bellows Flexible Joints: Flexible joints (including bellow-sealed gimbal joints, axial bellows duct assemblies, pressure-balanced units, tolerance take-up units, and vibreaker elastomer-sealed joints) for engine bleed air, ECS and anti-ice system ducting.

Components / Non-Mechanical Components

Avior Integrated Products Inc. Enclosures: Secondary power supply enclosure

Cablecraft Motion Controls Control Cable: Control cables

G & O Springs Ltd Springs:

Precision Coil Spring Co. Springs:

SL Engineering Ltd Tube Assemblies:

Components / Passive Electronic Components

Souriau PA&E Electronic Filters: Ceramic EMI filters

TTTech Computertechnik AG Data Bus: Time-triggered protocol (TTP) data bus for cabin pressure control systems (through Nicro-Nord)

Components / Sensors, Transducers & Detectors

Crane Aerospace & Electronics - ELDEC Corp. Proximity Sensors: Landing gear proximity sensing system; door system proximity sensing system; electric thrust reverser lock proximity sensing system; fuel flowmeters

Diehl Aerospace GmbH Position/Displacement Detectors: Doors & Slides Management System position sensors.

Fluid Components International, LLC Liquid Level Sensors:

Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. Transducers: APU transducers

Components / Structural Components

AERnnova Aircraft Structural Components: Rear fuselage metal structures

ALCOA Mill Products Wing Spars: Plate & forging wing spars; plate wing ribs; wing gear rib & support fittings; Aircraft Structural Components: Fuselage stringers; seat tracks

Asco Industries N.V Flap/Slat Mechanisms: Steel wing slat track mechanisms; aluminium droop nose hinge arms; aluminium flap track carriages

Aubert & Duval Metal & Alloy Forgings: Large forgings

Barnes Aerospace Inc. Aircraft Structural Components: Door scuff plates

Bill-Jay/GenMech Aerospace Corp. Aircraft Structural Components: Inboard forward pylon bracket assemblies

California Drop Forge Metal & Alloy Forgings: Closed die forging landing gear components

CAV Aerospace Ltd Aircraft Structural Components: Mid & outer rear spars; MFTE detail design

Dynomax, Inc. Precision Machined Parts: High-precision machined metal components for first class seats (through B/E)

EADS Cassidian Air Systems Flap/Slat Mechanisms: Flap tracks

Eaton Aerospace Ltd Struts: Carbon fibre composite floor beam struts; longitudinal struts; Flap/Slat Mechanisms: Flap/slat transmission shafts

Figeac-Aero Aircraft Structural Components: Goose neck; anti-icing panel

Fischer Advanced Composite Components AG Aircraft Structural Components: Flap track fairings; APU inlet plenum; splitter & nose piece; inlet outer barrels; flap ribs & leading edges; spinner

GE Aviation Systems (Aerostructures) Aircraft Structural Components: Structural components for mid fixed trailing edge & undercarriage pintle

GKN Aerospace Services Aircraft Structural Components: Parts for fuselage frames & stringers

Indonesian Aerospace IAe Aircraft Structural Components: Wing rib assemblies

Jamco Corp Struts: Vertical tail plane stringers & stiffeners

Magellan Aerospace (UK) Ltd. Precision Machined Parts: Machined aluminium detail components

Magellan Aerospace Corp. Wing Spars: False rear spar wing assembly; wing box ribs & inner rear spar

MAP Mecanique Aeronautique Pyreneenne Aircraft Structural Components: Front landing gear box, structural parts

MASA Mecanizaciones Aeronauticas, SA Wing Spars: Wing ribs

Mecachrome France Wing Spars: Centre spar; mid outboard leading edge spars

Otto Fuchs KG Metal & Alloy Forgings: Hand & die forgings; vertical & horizontal stabilizers, flap tracks, trunnions; Metal & Alloy Extrusions: Extrusions

PMG Comtas Composite GmbH Aircraft Structural Components: Upper frame cross beams

Precimecan - Caromar Group Precision Machined Parts: Landing gear & structural parts

Premium AEROTEC GmbH Flap/Slat Mechanisms: Inner slats

SKF Group Struts: Wing box composite rods

Teledyne CML Group Ltd Aircraft Structural Components: Rib manhole doors; d-nose stringers (leading edge)

TITAL GmbH Metal & Alloy Castings: Aluminium & titanium investment castings

Triumph Structures - Los Angeles Inc. Aircraft Structural Components: Wing top skin stringers

VSMPO-Avisma Corporation Metal & Alloy Forgings: Titanium forgings for landing gear (through Messier-Dowty)

Zollern GmbH & Co. KG Investment Casting Metal & Alloy Castings: Steel investment cast parts for spoilers

Components / Switches

ECE Mechanical Switches: LED push-button switches

Hydra-Electric Company Pressure Switches: 15H0082PH hydraulic pressure switch for landing gear extension retraction system

Components / Valves

Allen Aircraft Products Inc. Valves:

C.E.S.A Valves: Fan cowl valves & cones

Canyon Engineering Products Inc. Valves:

Moog Controls (UK) Servovalves: Servo valves

Parker Aerospace Control Systems Electro-hydraulic Servo Valves: Electrohydraulic servovalves

Saf-Air Products, Inc. Valves: Hydraulic oil drain valve

Woodward Aircraft Turbine Systems Servovalves: VSV actuator on GP7200 engine

Components / Windows & Glass

NORDAM Transparency Division Windows: Cabin & Door Windows

Saint-Gobain Sully Windshields: Cockpit front windshields & side windows

Airframe Systems / Airframe Assemblies

AERnnova Empennages: Horizontal tail plane leading & trailing edges & box joint

Aerolia Nose Cones: Nose fuselage; Fuselage Sections: Mechanically milled 3D fuselage panels

ALCOA Mill Products Wings: Upper & lower wing skins; Fuselage Sections: Fuselage skins; fuselage to wing connection

Alcore Brigantine Aircraft Flooring: Cockpit floor panels

Alenia Aeronautica SpA Fuselage Sections: Centre upper and forward lower fuselage; Aircraft Doors: Main door frames and shells; Aircraft Flooring: Floor grids and rigid barrier for A380F freighter

Alestis Aerospace SL Fairings: Belly fairing panels

Aries Complex, S.A. Wing Flaps: Elevator & rudder components

Avcorp Industries Inc. Aircraft Interior Bulkheads: Goodrich packboard shell & blow-out panel

Boeing Aerostructures Australia Winglets: Wingtip & wing fences

Castle Aero Fairings: Belly fairing zone 2

CTRM Aerocomposites Sdn Bhd. Wings: Wing fixed leading-edge lower panels, inboard outer fixed leading-edges, inner inboard fixed leading edge

Daher-Socata SAS Nose Cones: Nose lower structure, nosewheel doors

Doncasters Bramah Wing Flaps: Leading edge slat track cans

EADS CASA Fairings: Belly fairing

EADS Cassidian Air Systems Aircraft Control Surfaces: Wing inner inboard fixed leading edges; Aircraft Flooring: Floor grids

EADS EFW Aircraft Doors: Cockpit security doors; Aircraft Flooring: Lower deck cargo liner

EADS Sogerma Aircraft Flooring: Centre rear main deck floor grid

ECE Steering Systems: Nose wheel steering unit

Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH Aircraft Doors: Passenger & cargo doors

Fokker Aerostructures Fuselage Sections: Thermoplastic wing leading-edge 'J-noses'; selected forward & aft fuselage panels

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Empennages: Vertical tail composite assemblies, including leading & trailing edge, tip & root fairings

GKN Aerospace Services Wings: Wing fixed trailing-edge composites secondary structures; flap track beams; Empennages: Vertical tail profiles; flap skins; vertical tail plane fittings

Goodrich Aerostructures Fairings: Pylon aft fairings; Fairings: Pylon aft fairings; Fuselage Sections: Rear secondary structure; Wing Flaps: Ailerons, elevators & rudder

Jamco Corp Aircraft Flooring: Carbon fibre reinforced plastic upper deck floor crossbeams

Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. Wings: Wing bottom panels

Latecoere Aircraft Doors: Upper deck passenger doors; bulk cargo door; Nose Cones: Lower nose section

Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH Wing Spoilers: Spoilers

Liebherr-Aerospace SAS Bleed Air Systems: Bleed air system

M.C. Gill Corp. Europe Ltd Aircraft Flooring: Fully-equipped composite floor panels for cockpit, main electronics bay & emergency electronics bay.

MASA Mecanizaciones Aeronauticas, SA Aircraft Control Surfaces: Horizontal tailplane joint, leading/trailing-edges and ribs; Aircraft Doors: Passenger doors (with Latecoere); Fairings: Belly fairing (with EADS)

Mecachrome France Aircraft Flooring: Upper and lower floor assemblies

Mecahers Airborne Consoles: Cockpit centre pedestal structure

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation Aircraft Doors: Front and rear lower cargo doors

Nippi Corporation Aerospace Division Empennages: Horizontal tailplane tips

OMA SUD Sky Technologies SpA Aircraft Flooring: Design, development, manufacture & supply of upper deck floor grid sections 13 & 18.3 for freighter version

Patria Aerostructures Oy Wing Spoilers: Composite wing spoilers

Premium AEROTEC GmbH Aircraft Flooring: Floor crossbars

PZL Swidnik S.A. Aircraft Doors: Passenger, emergency & cargo door mechanisms; cargo door structure; door components (through Eurocopter Deutcshland); Fairings: Composite belly fairings (through Eurocopter Deutcshland)

Ratier Figeac Aircraft & Helicopter Controllers: Cockpit side stick transducers and damper units

Romaero S.A. Fairings: Central lower fairing parts; skins, stringers & doublers

RUAG Aviation Wings: D-nose skins for wing inner fixed leading-edge and outer fixed trailing-edge

Saab Aerostructures Wings: Wing fixed leading-edge outboard of inner engine nacelles. Mid and outer leading edge for A380F freighter version.

SABCA Fuselage Sections: Centre rear lower fuselage shell

ShinMaywa Industries Ltd. (Aircraft Division) Fairings: Wing root end fillet fairings

SK10 Andalucia Fairings: Centre fuselage belly fairing

Sonaca SA Nose Cones: Nose upper shell; Wings: Wing leading edge slats; Fuselage Sections: Frame five protective shield

Spirit AeroSystems Europe Ltd Wings: Wing inboard outer fixed leading-edges

Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. Fuselage Sections: D-nose panel stretching shells

Airframe Systems / Cabin Interiors

Aerospace Technologies Group Window Shades: Electric window shades

Airsigna GmbH Cabin Signage & Displays: Information & exit signs

B/E Aerospace (UK) Ltd. Passenger Seating: Seating; Galley Inserts: Galley inserts

C & D Zodiac Crew Rest Modules: Flight crew rest compartment (FCRC); FCRC attendant seats; main deck crew rest; upper and lower deck cabin crew rest compartments (CCRC) panels; lower deck CCRC stairhouse; Passenger Service Units (PSUs): Passenger service units; Aircraft Interiors: Cockpit, forward and aft cabin stairs

Contour Premium Aircraft Seating Passenger Seating: First class lie-flat seats

Dasell Cabin Interior GmbH. Lavatory Equipment: Lavatories

Driessen Aircraft Interior Systems Galleys: ; Aircraft Interiors: Closets, video control centres

EADS Composites Aquitaine Aircraft Interiors: Cockpit linings and consoles

EADS Composites Atlantic Limited Aircraft Interiors: Cockpit linings and consoles

EADS Sogerma Aircraft Interiors: First & Business class interior components

ESW GmbH Trolley Lift Conveyance System: Trolley lift system

Fischer Advanced Composite Components AG Lavatory Equipment: Bathtub panels; Storage Bins: Overhead stowage compartment systems

Heath Tecna Aircraft Interiors: Main deck dado panels; upper deck sidewall stowages; Aircraft Interiors: 'Social Zone' interiors

InSeat Solutions LLC Passenger Seating: Seat massage systems

James Park Associates Ltd. Passenger Seating: Business class seating

KID Systeme GmbH Passenger Communication Systems: Cabin communication data system; passenger supply channel

Koito Industries Ltd Passenger Seating: Passenger seats

Lonseal Flooring Inc Floor Coverings:

Metzeler Technical Rubber Systems GmbH Floor Coverings: Non textile floor covering

P.L.Porter Passenger Seating: 'iMotion' power seat actuation system

Panasonic Avionics Corp. Inflight Entertainment: eX2 inflight entertainment system

Recaro Aircraft Seating GmbH & Co. Passenger Seating:

Sell GmbH Galleys: Galleys; Storage Bins: Stowages, closets; Galley Inserts: Ovens, bun warmers, water boilers, beverage & coffee makers, ice container & drawer

Sicma Aero Seat Passenger Seating: First class seating

Thales Avionics S.A. Inflight Entertainment: Inflight entertainment interactive screens

Airframe Systems / Cargo Systems

AmSafe Bridport Ltd. Cargo Systems: Bellyhold cargo nets

Goodrich Aircraft Interior Products Cargo Systems: Cargo mechanical system; lower deck elevator actuators, power drive units

Rheinmetall Defence Electronics GmbH Cargo Systems: Cargo loading conveyance system: including compartment and sector control boxes and panels, power drive units, monitoring, maintenance and control components

Airframe Systems / Crew Seating

EADS Sogerma Pilot Seats: Flight deck seats

Goodrich Aircraft Interior Products Crew Seating: Cabin attendant and cockpit occupancy seats

Airframe Systems / Environmental Systems

Apparatebau Gauting GmbH Cooling Systems: Air cooling units; ground cooling units; humidification systems

Barnes Aerospace Inc. Waste Water Systems: Waste water panels

C & D Zodiac Air Conditioning Equipment: Cabin crew rest compartment air conditioning ducting

CEF Industries Inc. Water Systems: Compressor for potable water system

CTT Systems AB Air Conditioning Equipment: Humidification for crew rest area (option)

Daher L'Hotellier Air Conditioning Equipment: Air distribution system for centre fuselage, including mixing chamber, distribution & recirculation circuits, cargo ventilation circuits; AGU & SGS channels

Diehl Aerospace GmbH Cabin Heaters: Footwarmers

Donaldson Co. Inc. Aerospace & Defense Air Filters: High efficiency particulate air filter

ESW GmbH Air Heaters: Air duct heater; heated components for water waste system

Fairchild Controls Corp. Cooling Systems: Supplemental cooling

General Ecology Inc. Water Purification Systems: Versa Pure AC-3 drinking water microfiltration system

Geven Srl Thermal Insulation: Thermo-acoustic insulation blankets

Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation Air Conditioning Equipment: Air generation system

Hi-Temp Insulation, Inc. Thermal Insulation: Insulation

Honeywell Aerospace Air Purification Systems: Cabin air Ozone Converter; Air Purification Systems: Cabin air Ozone Converter

Johns Manville, Inc. Thermal Insulation: Fibre glass insulation

KID Systeme GmbH Waste Water Systems: Electronic control modules for water/waste system

Liebherr-Aerospace SAS Cooling Systems: Air/hydraulic cooling systems

Microtecnica S.r.l. Cooling Systems: Supplemental galley cooling system

Monogram Systems Waste Water Systems: Water system; vacuum waste system

MT Aerospace AG Water Systems: Lightweight potable & waste water tanks

Nord-Micro AG & Co. OHG Cabin Pressure Control Systems: Cabin pressure control system; ventilation control system; avionics ventilation system

Pall Aerospace Europe Air Filters: Cabin air filtration systems

Spekon France SAS Thermal Insulation: Insulation blankets

Technofan Air Conditioning Equipment: Avionics ventilation systems; cabin fans

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. Water Systems: Drinking water tanks & lavatory waste water tanks

Yokohama Aerospace America, Inc. Waste Water Systems: Water & waste tanks

Airframe Systems / Fluid Power

Aerolia Hydraulic Systems & Equipment: Cabin systems tubes & pipes; central fuselage system tubes & pipes

C.E.S.A Reservoirs: Hydraulic reservoirs & pressurisation units

Dunlop Aerospace Fluid Dynamics Hydraulic Systems & Equipment: Fuel/hydraulic heat exchangers

Eaton Aerospace, Fluid Conveyance Division Fluid Conveyance Systems: Fluid conveyance system - hoses, fittings, tubing & couplings; Hydraulic Fittings: 'Rynglok' tube fittings; mechanical seals

Eaton Aerospace, Power & Motion Control Division Hydraulic Power Supplies: 345 bar/5000-psi hydraulic generators; AC motor pumps

Eaton Corporation Conveyance Systems Accumulators: High-pressure bellows accumulators for main hydraulic system; high-pressure accumulators & reservoirs for braking & steering systems; accumulators for flight control EHA/EHBA's; reservoirs for supplemental cooling systems

Hydac Technology Accumulators: Hydraulic accumulators

Intertechnique Hydraulic Systems & Equipment: Hydraulic systems monitoring units

Lee Products Ltd. Hydraulic Equipment: Fluid control components

Messier-Bugatti-Dowty Hydraulic Systems & Equipment: Decentralized hydraulic generators; nose wheel steering hydraulic unit; hydraulic circuit filtration and distribution equipment; electro-hydrostatic actuator miniature pumps for alternate flight controls; oleo-pressure monitoring system

Olaer Fawcett Christie Accumulators: Hydraulic accumulators

Parker Aerospace, Hydraulic Systems Division - Europe Hydraulic & Pneumatic Motors: Variable displacement hydraulic motors

PFW Aerospace AG Fluid Conveyance Systems: Fluid distribution systems

Triumph Actuation Systems Hydraulic Systems & Equipment: Hydraulic cargo door actuation system; hand-operated hydraulic auxiliary pump; ram air turbine door spring struts

Airframe Systems / Landing Assemblies

Asco Industries N.V Aircraft Landing Gear: Structural components for body & nose landing gear

Bridgestone Corp. Tyres: Radial tyres for nose & main landing gear system

Chicopee Manufacturing Ltd. Aircraft Landing Gear: Landing gear components

ECE Landing Gear Controls: Landing gear control lever

GE Aviation Systems Landing Gear Systems Aircraft Landing Gear: Landing gear actuation system

Goodrich Landing Gear Aircraft Landing Gear: Main body & wing landing gear

Honeywell Aircraft Landing Systems Aircraft Wheels: Main wheels; Carbon Brakes: Carbenix carbon brakes

LeFiell Manufacturing Co. Aircraft Landing Gear: Landing gear parts

Magellan Aerospace Corp. Aircraft Landing Gear: Main & wing landing gear assemblies

Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems Aircraft Wheels: Nosewheels; Carbon Brakes:

Messier-Bugatti-Dowty Brake-by-Wire Systems: Brake-by-wire control system and dedicated software; emergency braking control unit back-up computer; control software and steering system for nose & main landing gear wheels; wheel & brake system integrated components; Tyre Pressure Monitors:

Messier-Dowty Aircraft Landing Gear: Nose landing gear

Michelin Aircraft Tire Corporation Tyres:

Michelin Bourges Tyres: Near Zero Growth radial tyres for nose and main landing gear

Airframe Systems / Oxygen Systems & Equipment

AVOX Systems Inc Oxygen Systems: Crew/passenger oxygen system components

B/E Aerospace (UK) Ltd. Oxygen Systems:

DAe Systems GmbH Oxygen Systems: Passenger Emergency Oxygen Systems; Crew Oxygen Systems

Intertechnique Oxygen Systems: Oxygen monitoring system including masks, stowage boxes & controller unit

PFW Aerospace AG Oxygen Systems: Oxygen piping

Airframe Systems / Safety & Security Systems

Apparatebau Gauting GmbH Fire & Smoke Detectors:

Astronics Luminescent Systems Inc Emergency Lighting Systems: Emergency cabin lighting system (through KID-System GmbH)

BaseWest Emergency Lighting Systems: Escape slide lighting system

ELTA S.A. Emergency Locator Transmitters: ADT 406 emergency locator transmitter

Fenwal Safety Systems Fire Fighting/Detection Systems: Bleed overheat protection

Goodrich Aircraft Interior Products Slides: Evacuation slides

Lufthansa Technik Emergency Lighting Systems: ColourFit floor-path marking system

Meggitt - (ex Pacific Scientific Brands) Fire Fighting/Detection Systems: Fire extinction

Meggitt Safety Systems Inc. Fire Fighting/Detection Systems: Fire detection systems for engines, APU's and main landing gears

Siemens SAS Fire & Smoke Detectors: Fire detection systems for avionics and cargo compartments

Techtest Emergency Locator Transmitters: Emergency locator beacon

Avionics / Avionic Components

ECE Control Panels: Cockpit components & integrated control panel

Hollingsead International, Inc Avionics Racks: Avionics wire harness & trays

IDD Aerospace Corporation Control Panels: Illuminated control panels, keyboards, control panel assemblies.

Jamco Corp Avionics Racks: Rear bay electronic rack assembly (e-bay rack)

Latecoere Avionics Racks: 2100, 2200, 2300, 2400 VU main avionics bays

Photo Etch Control Panels:

Sagem Défense Sécurité Accelerometers: Large environment accelerometer unit; back-up control module for fly-by-wire system; pedal feel & trim unit

Avionics / Communications (Airborne)

CMC Electronics Inc Communication Antennas: External satellite communications antenna

HR Smith (Technical Developments) Ltd Communication Antennas: Antennas

Panasonic Avionics Corp. Airborne Communication Systems: Broadband connectivity system

Rockwell Collins Inc. Radio Communications Equipment: VHF-920 digital data radio; HFS-900 HF Data Radio; "FlySmart" airline in-flight information system (AFIS)

Rohde & Schwarz International GmbH Transceivers: HP transceiver

Silver Atena (UK) Ltd. Airborne Communication Systems: Airline Network Architecture cabin communication network

TEAM t/a Cobham Avionics Radio Frequency Management Systems: Radio/audio integrated management system

VT Miltope Airborne Communication Systems: Telephony server for onboard mobile phone system

Avionics / Flight and Data Management

Astro-Med Cockpit Printers: ToughWriter 4 cockpit & cabin printers

Barco Onboard Computers: Onboard information terminals

Diehl Aerospace GmbH Automatic Flight Control Systems: Secondary flight control unit; Onboard Computers: Integrated modular avionics (with Thales)

Honeywell Aerospace Flight Management Systems: Next-generation Flight Management System

L-3 Communications Aviation Recorders Flight Recorders: Flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder

Rockwell Collins Inc. Avionics Management Systems: Avionics Communications Router; AFDX (avionics full duplex ethernet) switch; avionics data network

Sagem Défense Sécurité Onboard Computers: Network server system; secure communications interface; centralised data acquisition module; data loading & configuration system

Thales Avionics S.A. Avionics Management Systems: Integrated Modular Avionics; Flight Control Units; Aircraft Full Duplex End System.

VT Miltope Onboard Computers: Wireless Local Area Network connectivity

Zodiac Data Systems SA Flight Recorders: Flight test recorders DS4100

Avionics / Imaging and Visual Systems

Honeywell Aerospace Electronic Systems Weather Mapping Radar: IntuVue advanced weather radar

Latecoere External & Taxi Aid Camera System (ETACS: External & Taxi Aid Camera System

Avionics / Indicators and Instruments

ADS/Transicoil LCD Displays: Displays; modules

Casio Computers LCD Displays: TFT Liquid Crystal Panels

Diehl Aerospace GmbH LCD Displays: Cockpit display system (with Thales)

Goodrich Sensors & Integrated Systems Air Data Computers: "SmartProbe" primary and secondary air data systems

Palmer Wahl Temperature Instruments Temperature Indicators: Mini six-position temp-plate temperature recording label for wheel brakes

QED/Inc. Pressure Indicators: Pressure gauges

Thales Avionics Head-Up Displays: Head-Up displays, incorporating LCD technology

Thales Avionics S.A. Head-Up Displays: Control & Display System; Head-Up Displays incorporating LCD technology; Digital Radio Altimeter; Standby Navigation System.

Yokogawa Electric Corp. LCD Displays: Cockpit display modules

Avionics / Navigation Aids (Airborne)

Diehl Aerospace GmbH Onboard Airport Navigation Systems: With Thales

Honeywell Aerospace Inertial Components & Systems: Air data inertial reference system

Honeywell Aerospace, Sensor & Guidance Products Inertial Components & Systems: Air Data Inertial Reference Unit

Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems Inertial Components & Systems: LTN-101E global navigation air data inertial reference unit

Rockwell Collins Inc. Automatic Direction Finders: ADF-900 Automatic Direction Finder; Distance Measuring Equipment: DME-900 Distance Measuring Equipment; VOR (Omnirange) Receivers: VOR-900 Omnidirection range/marker beacon receiver; Multi-Mode Receivers (MMR): Multi-Mode Receiver

Thales Avionics S.A. Onboard Airport Navigation Systems: Onboard Airport Navigation System

Avionics / Warning Systems

ESW GmbH Tail Strike Indicator:

Goodrich Sensors & Integrated Systems Ice Detectors: Automatic ice detection system

Honeywell Aerospace Electronic Systems Collision Avoidance Systems/TCAS: Integrated Surveillance System (ISS), incorporating EGPWS, TCAS & RDR-4000 weather radar

Power Systems / Auxiliary Power

Barry Controls Ltd APU Components: APU mounts

Magellan Aerospace Corp. APU Components: APU gearbox castings, fuel pipes & thrust fittings

Pratt & Whitney Canada Auxiliary Power Units: PW980A APU

Power Systems / Batteries & Accessories

Saft America Inc. Nickel-Cadmium Batteries: Rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries for APU starting & electrical system back-up power

Power Systems / Electrical Power Systems

Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems (AES) Airborne Electrical Power Supplies: EmPower Fusion in-seat power supply

California Instruments Corp. Airborne Electrical Power Supplies: MX45 AC power source

Diehl Aerospace GmbH Airborne Electrical Power Supplies: Emergency power supply units; autonomous standby power supply units; door emergency power supply

Draka Fileca Electrical Wire & Cable: Aluminium & copper cables

ECE Power Distribution Equipment: Primary electrical power distribution system

Fokker Aerostructures Electrical Wire & Cable: Electrical wiring on horizontal tail plane and tail cone

Goodrich Electrical Power Systems Airborne Electrical Power Supplies: Variable Frequency Electrical Power Generator

Hamilton Sundstrand Electric Systems Airborne Electrical Power Supplies: 180 kVA generators

Hamilton Sundstrand Power Systems Emergency Generators: Ram-air turbine (emergency electrical power generation)

Honeywell Aerospace Electric Power Systems Power Distribution Equipment: Secondary Electric Power Distribution System

Labinal Electrical Wire & Cable: Full fuselage electrical wiring system

Martek Power Abbott, Inc. Power Conversion Equipment: CB series DC/DC converters

Pacific Scientific Artus Emergency Generators: Emergency electrical generation; AC/DC power conversion

Rotastat Electric Motors:

Silver Atena (UK) Ltd. Power Distribution Equipment: Development of secondary power distribution system

Vermillion Inc. Cable Assemblies: Ram air turbine cable assembly

Power Systems / Engine Components

Aircelle Nacelles: ; Thrust Reversers:

Alcoa Howmet Turbine Engine Blades: Airfoil blades & vanes

Alenia Aermacchi S.p.A. Engine Inlets: Fixed fan ducts; translating cowls

Asco Industries N.V Engine Mounts: Titanium outboard forward engine mounts

Avio S.p.A Oil Tanks: Oil tank & pump for Trent900 engine

Behr Industry GmbH & Co. KG Engine Heat Exchangers: Heat exchangers

Cefival S.a. Piston Rings: Flash butt welded rings for GP7000 engine

Centrax Ltd Turbine Engine Blades: Blades, valves

EADS CASA Engine Housings: Fibre placement technology fan cowls

Eaton Aerospace Ltd Engine Parts: External engine system accessories for Rolls-Royce Trent 900

Goodrich Aerostructures Engine Fan Casings: Centre & rear fan case sections for Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine

Hamilton Sundstrand-Nauka Joint Stock Co. Turbine Engine Starters: Main engine starter & electronic engine control

Harco Laboratories, Inc Engine Health Monitoring: Engine sensors

Hispano Suiza Thrust Reversers: Electrical thrust reverser actuation system

Honeywell Aerospace Engine Parts: Pneumatic system for Rolls-Royce Trent 900 Engine & Engine Alliance GP7200 Engine

Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Ind.Co.Ltd Turbine Engine Blades: Parts for GP7200 (compressor blades, midfan shafts & stub shafts) and Trent 900 (low pressure turbine blades & engine control system parts)

ITP - Industria de Turbo Propulsores, S.A. Engine Housings: Tail bearing housing; all low pressure turbine components except blades for Trent 900 engine

Magellan Aerospace Corp. Engine Nozzles: Engine exhaust nozzles

McStarlite Company Nacelles: Leading edge nacelle skins

Meggitt Control Systems Engine Heat Exchangers: Hydraulics/fuel heat exchangers

Meggitt Sensing Systems Engine Health Monitoring: Engine interface and power management unit (EIPM); Engine condition monitoring unit (EMU)

Nikkiso Co. Ltd. Thrust Reversers: Thrust reverser cascades

Ratier Figeac Engine Controls: Throttle control assembly

SNECMA Moteurs Compressors: High-pressure compressor for GP7200 engine

Techspace Aero S.A. Compressors: Low pressure compressor, bearing supports and fan disk for GP7200 engine

Thermal Engineering Engine Parts: For Trent 900 engine

TITAL GmbH Engine Pylons: Titanium investment casting ribs for engine pylons

Volvo Aero Corporation Engine Housings: Lightweight turbine exhaust case

Power Systems / Engines

Engine Alliance, LLC Turbofan Engines: GP7200 engines

Rolls-Royce Plc Civil Aerospace Turbofan Engines: Trent 900 engines

Power Systems / Fuel Systems

Crane Aerospace & Electronics - Lear Romec Fuel Pumps: Lube & scavenge pumps

Eaton Aerospace Ltd Fuel Pumps: Fuel distribution systems & pumps

Intertechnique Fuel Tanks & Systems: Fuel circulation equipment including valves, valve actuators, refuel/defuel couplings & pump monitoring devices

Pall Aerospace Europe Fuel Filters: Engine lube & fuel system

Parker Aerospace Electronic Systems Fuel Management Systems: Fuel quantity management system; in-tank fuel sensors; fuel quantity data concentrators

PTI Technologies Inc. Fuel Filters: EHA filter elements

Woodward Aircraft Turbine Systems Fuel Meters: Fuel metering unit

Power Systems / Power Transmission

Avio S.p.A Gear Drives: Gear box "step-aside", external gearbox, accessory gearbox, angular transmission shaft, for Trent900 engine

BMT Aerospace International Gears & Assemblies: Rack & pinion gears for slat-slat/track mechanism

BMT Aerospace Romania Gears & Assemblies: Leading edge slat track gear assemblies

Davall Gears Ltd Gear Drives: Seat actuation

Microtecnica S.r.l. Ram Air Drives: Ram air turbine

Production / Handling Equipment

Advanced Ground Systems Engineering Corp Hoists: AGSE-131 rollover stand for Trent 900 engine

Didsbury Engineering Co. Ltd. Lifting Equipment: Minilift & APU cradle lifting beam

Farwest Aircraft Inc. Load Positioning Systems: Engine positioners; jacks

Production / Hot Forming

Precision Castparts Corp. Casting: Castings & forgings

Production / Inspection Equipment

Bowers Metrology Group Precision Measurement Equipment: Measuring equipment sets - wing production

CTRL Systems, Inc. Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment: UL101 ultrasound diagnostic tool

M. Torres Disenos Industriales S.A. Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment: Ultrasonic inspection systems

Production / Machining

Advanced Integration Technology, Inc. Drilling Equipment: Section 19 circumferential drilling machines

Electroimpact Drilling Equipment: Drilling machines

Handtmann CNC Technologies Inc. Machining Systems: Structural parts machining

Le Creneau Industriel Machining Systems: CNC machine tools

M. Torres Disenos Industriales S.A. Milling: 5-axis milling machines for composite material parts; Cutting Equipment: Ultrasonic cutting systems

MAG IAS, LLC. Machining Systems: Metal & composites machining

Makino Milling Machine Co. Ltd. Machining Systems: Machining centres for precision wing parts

PaR Systems, Inc. Drilling Equipment: Automated drilling & fettling system

TT electronics Technology Ltd Drilling Equipment: Halosensor drill position locator

Production / Measurement

FARO Technologies Inc Laser Measuring Equipment: Portable 3D laser measurement system

Kahn Industries Inc./Kahn & Co Dynamometers: APU test dynamometers

Production / Metal Removing

Tech Met Inc. Chemical Milling: Chem-milled exhaust cowling components

Production / Processes

AEM Aviation Windings Business Unit Filament Winding Service: Winding of main stator on variable frequency generator

Production / Production Equipment

Electroimpact Riveting Equipment: Low voltage electromagnetic riveting machines

ITS Europe NV Materials Handling Equipment: Transporter on wheels and Aero-Caster® air cushions to move loads up to 13 tons in and out of an autoclave.

LASELEC SA Marking Equipment: Wire & cable UV laser marking equipment

Production / Surface Treatment

Acorn Surface Technology Ltd Metal Finishing/Polishing: Finishing

Metal Improvement Company Shot Peening: Shot peen forming; laser peening

Production / Technical Consultants

QFP s.r.l Engineering Management Services: Engineering consultancy services for upper deck & main deck cargo door

QuEST Global Engineering Ltd. Engineering Design Services: Engineering design & analysis support

Production / Tooling

Advanced Integration Technology, Inc. Tooling: Automated turnkey tooling for rear fusealge Section 19 assembly

Dutch-Shape BV Tooling: Complete tooling for skin & wing section

Electroimpact Jigs & Fixtures: Wing assembly jig

M. Torres Disenos Industriales S.A. Jigs & Fixtures: Assembly jig system for elevators & rudders; Laser Tooling: Laser scribers with flexible tooling

Production / Tools

Cabco Industries Insertion/Removal Tools: Bearing installation tools

Fastening Systems Intl., Inc. Riveting Tools: Blind rivet tools

Lisi Aerospace FT Bestas Fastening Tools: Portable hydraulic fastening tools

Lomas Engineering Limited Cutting Tools:

M. Torres Disenos Industriales S.A. Insertion/Removal Tools: Automatic clip installation system

NCMT Ltd Machine Tools: Machining centres used to mill wing ribs

Networks Electronic Company (NEco) Cutting Tools: Pyrotechnic cord cutter

Omega Technologies, Inc. Insertion/Removal Tools: Fastener installation & removal tools; hole drilling & preparation tools

Testing / Aircraft Operations

Intercomp Co. Scales: Wireless weighing system for flight test system

Testing / Computer-Aided Testing

California Instruments Corp. Computer-aided Testing: ABD0100.1.8 test software

Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp. Computer-aided Testing: Abaqus FEA software for structural virtual testing

Elgar Electronics Corp. Computer-aided Testing: ABD100.1.8 test suite software

Testing / Test Equipment

Avtron Manufacturing, Inc. Electric/Electronic Test Equipment: Electrical, electronic, hydraulic & fuel component test equipment

CableTest Systems Inc. Cable Test Equipment: Cable test systems for power distribution systems (through Honeywell)

CK Technologies (UK) Cable Test Equipment: Automatic wiring harness & electrical panel test systems

EADS Test & Services Automated Test Equipment: Automatic test equipment & ground test system

EMC Partner AG Test Equipment:

J R Technology Ltd. Test Equipment: Composite test equipment

TechSAT GmbH Test Equipment: AFDX PMC & A429 bus interfaces; system integration benches; CMS, CFDS/OMS, CIDS, MCDU & CPS simulation; data-loader

Testek, Inc. Test Stands: Generator test stand (variable frequency generator); Fuel Test Equipment: Fuel test stand; Automated Test Equipment: Automatic test equipment test stand; Hydraulic Test Equipment: Hydraulic test stand

Triumph Aerospace Systems - Newport Test Stands: Test rig for Trent 900 engine

Testing / Test Services

CTA - Aeronautical Technologies Centre Testing Services: Test packages including; tail plane centre-joint panels, horizontal tail plane support structure & screwjack, NLG actuator & doors, vertical fin fitting, engine pylon, engine rear attachment, mid flap & gear rib

IABG mbH Fatigue Testing: Complete airframe fatigue test

Marshall Aerospace Test Services Testing Services: Wing section testing

Peters Engineering (G.F. Peters & Partner GmbH) Stress Analysis: Stress support


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