Из чего сделан A350 XWB
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Management / Professional Services

Sonovision Canada Technical Manuals: S1000D technical publications service (for Honeywell)

Design / Design

EADCO European Aerospace Design Consultants GmbH Design Services: Floor grid structure; fuselage structures; passenger door surround
EADS Innovation Works Research/Consulting Services: RHEA virtual reality design software
Peters Engineering (G.F. Peters & Partner GmbH) Design Services: Design of rear fuselage skins & stringer, cargo door.
Priestman Goode Interior Design Services: Design of cabin interior

Design / Design Software

AdaCore Computer-aided Design: GNAT Pro High-Integrity Edition for DO-178B & Ada 2005 language design programs to build air data inertial reference unit
Dassault Systemes Product Lifecycle Management: PLM software solutions
TechSAT GmbH Computer-aided Simulation: CMS, IMA, CFDS/OMS simulation

Materials / Coatings

Akzo Nobel Aerospace Coatings Paints: Base coat & clear coat paint system
Le Bozec Filtration et Systemes Rain Repellents: Donaldson rain repellant system
Nycote Laboratories Corporation Coatings: Nycote 88 nylon coating for electrical connection installations and grounding strap applications

Materials / Composites

Accudyne Systems, Inc. Polymer Composite Thermoforming:
Alcore Brigantine Honeycomb Composites: Honeycomb core details for flap track farings (for SABCA)
Attewell Ltd. Fibreglass: Hexcel GFRP sheet
Hexcel Composites Carbon Fibre: Carbon fibre composites for primary structures
Kaman Composites UK Holdings Ltd. Subcontracted Composite Parts: Composite parts (for Spirit & GKN)
M. Torres Disenos Industriales S.A. Polymer Composite Tape Lay-down: Automatic tape laying machine
Quantum Composites, Inc. Reinforced Composite Molding Compounds: Epoxy/phenolic materials
Toho Tenax Co. Ltd Carbon Fibre: Carbon fibre composite materials
Toray Industries, Inc. Prepregs: Carbon fibre prepregs
Umeco plc Prepregs: MTM44-1 out-of-autoclave prepregs for outer & mid-section wing fixed trailing edge panels (through GE Aviation)
Unitech Composites and Structures Subcontracted Composite Parts: Manufacture of monolithic parts with thermoset pre-preg materials & machining of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) components
Victrex Plc Polymer Composites: PEEK polymer-based pipe system for cargo drainage (with PFW Aerospace)

Materials / Metals

Alcan Global Aerospace Transportation & Industry (ATI) Aluminium: AIRWARE low density alloys; Superalloys: AIRWARE advanced aluminium-lithium alloys for internal wing structures & fuselage parts
ALCOA Mill Products Aluminium: High performance sheet & plate metallics
Amari Aerospace Ltd. Metal & Alloy Suppliers:
Latrobe Speciality Steel Company Steel: High purity vacuum remelted steels
RTI International Metals, Inc. Metal & Alloy Fabrications: Seat tracks
VSMPO-Avisma Corporation Titanium: Titanium die forgings parts, including wing leading & trailing edge forgings

Materials / Non-metal Materials

Attewell Ltd. Packings: Packers & fillers
Dunmore Corp. Laminates: Interior surfacing films; wrapping tapes
New Metals & Chemicals Ltd. Flame Resistant Tape: ABS 5006 silicone foam tape
Ten Cate Advanced Composites Laminates: TenCate Cetex® RTL carbon-PPS thermoplastic laminates for clips/cleats, access covers, keel beam ribs, cargo shear webs.

Components / Active Electronic Components

Diehl Aerospace GmbH Electronic Control Equipment: Doors & slides control system; slat/flap control computer
Ducommun LaBarge Technologies Printed Circuit Boards: Printed circuit card assemblies (through Parker Aerospace)
Everspin Technologies, Inc. Computer Components: 4Mb & 16Mb MRAM products for flight control computer

Components / Actuation

CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group Mechanical Actuators: Main & nose landing gear door actuators
Elektro-Metall Export GmbH Electromechanical Actuators: APU air inlet door actuator; emergency ram air inlet door actuator; Linear Actuators: Lavatory non-touch waste flap actuator
Moog Inc. Mechanical Actuators: Primary flight controls actuation; high-lift, wing trailing edge actuation system
Premier Deep Hole Drilling Ltd Mechanical Actuators: Actuation components
Rockwell Collins ElectroMechanical Systems Mechanical Actuators: Trimmable horizontal stabilizer actuator

Components / Bearings

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions UK Ltd Plastic Bearings: Landing gear bearings

Components / Electrical Components

Crane Aerospace & Electronics - ELDEC Corp. Rectifiers: Transformer rectifier units (through ECE)
HR Smith (Technical Developments) Ltd Static Dischargers:
Labinal Wire Harnesses: Electrical wiring interconnect system

Components / Fasteners

Ateliers De La Hte. Garonne Solid Rivets: ; Shoulder Bolts: ; Self-Locking Bolts: Aluminium lock bolts; Fasteners: Fastener collars
LISI Aerospace Fasteners: Aeronautical fasteners

Components / Lighting

Diehl Aerospace GmbH Aircraft Interior Lighting Systems: Cabin lighting package; Aircraft Interior Lighting Systems: Cabin & cargo lighting package
ECE Aircraft Exterior Lighting Systems: Complete external lighting systems

Components / Mechanical Components

Attewell Ltd. Shims: Metallic & composite shims, taper shims
Aubert & Duval Ball Screw Assemblies: Ball screws, bearings and fasteners
ECE Windshield Wipers: Windshield wiper system
IN-LHC Manifolds & Ducts: Braking manifolds
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics MG Silikon Rubber & Silicone Seals: Silicon moulded, reinforced & extruded parts
UTC Aerospace Systems, Sensors & Integrated Systems Ice Protection/Prevention Equipment: Ice detection system
Voss Industries Inc. Clamps: Clamping, coupling and ducting products

Components / Non-Mechanical Components

Fine Tubes Metal Tubing: High pressure hydraulic tubing
PFW Aerospace AG Metal Tubing: Fuel & bleed air tubing systems for wings & fuselage
Precision Coil Spring Co. Springs:

Components / Passive Electronic Components

Data Device Corporation Data Bus: MIL-STD-1553 components for flight control
Vector Informatik GmbH Data Bus: Bus interface & data logger for CAN

Components / Sensors, Transducers & Detectors

GE Sensing Pressure Detectors: Pressure sensors for actuators & primary flight control systems (through Moog)
GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies Pressure Detectors: Pressure sensors for Honeywell air management & conditioning system

Components / Structural Components

Aerospace Dynamics International Aircraft Structural Components: Pylon fitting, gear beam
Airbus Deutschland GmbH Wing Spars: Wing stringers
ATK Alliant Techsystems Inc. Aircraft Structural Components: Composite stringers & frames for fuselage
Attewell Ltd. Aircraft Structural Components: Metallic & composite detail assemblies
Aubert & Duval Metal & Alloy Forgings: Large titanium forgings
Liebherr-Aerospace SAS Flap/Slat Mechanisms: Slat system
Magellan Aerospace (UK) Ltd. Precision Machined Parts: Large complex machined aluminium-lithium components for cebtre wing box, including Rib 1, attachment fittings & flange ribs; complex machined aluminium detail components & assemblies for structure of pylon body
Otto Fuchs KG Metal & Alloy Forgings: Die forgings
Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. Kinston Wing Spars: Front wing spar
TITAL GmbH Metal & Alloy Castings: Aluminium & titanium investment castings

Components / Valves

Canyon Engineering Products Inc. Valves:
CIRCOR Aerospace Products Group Hydraulic System Valves: Hydraulic valves for main & nose landing gear hydraulic system
Parker Aerospace Fluid Systems Valves: Heat management valve package for Trent XWB engine; Valves: Pneumatics valve suite that enables anti-icing, turbine case cooling and engine bleed functions

Airframe Systems / Airframe Assemblies

Adams Rite Aerospace, Inc. Aircraft Doors: Light weight ballistic & intrusion proof cockpit door module
AERnnova Aircraft Control Surfaces: Horizontal stabiliser & elevator
Aerolia Nose Cones: Nose fuselage; Fuselage Sections: Mechanically milled 3D fuselage panels; composite fuselage panels
Airbus Deutschland GmbH Wings: Composite upper wing shells; Empennages: Vertical tailplane; Fuselage Sections: CFRP fuselage shells
Airbus UK Wings:
Alestis Aerospace SL Fairings: Belly fairing
Aries Complex, S.A. Empennages: Vertical tail plane; Fuselage Sections: Internals for Section 19
Chengdu Aircraft Industrial (Group) Co. Ltd. Wing Spoilers: Wing spoilers & droop panels
Daher-Socata SAS Aircraft Doors: Main landing gear doors
Ducommun AeroStructures, Inc. Fairings: Stretch-formed nose fairing assembly panels (for Latecoere)
Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH Aircraft Doors: Passenger & cargo doors
Figeac-Aero Aircraft Flooring: Section 12 floor assembly (for Aerolia)
Fischer Advanced Composite Components AG Wing Spoilers: ; Winglets:
Fokker Aerostructures Wing Flaps: Outboard flaps
GE Aviation Systems (Aerostructures) Wing Flaps: Wing trailing edge details & trailing edge secondary structures
GKN Aerospace Deutschland GmbH Wing Flaps: Detail composite parts of inboard & outboard landing flaps
GKN Aerospace Services Wings: Wing spars & trailing edge
Harbin Hafei Airbus Composite Manufacturing Centre Fairings: Belly fairing parts; Aircraft Control Surfaces: Rudders, elevators; Aircraft Doors: Section 19 maintenance doors
Premium AEROTEC GmbH Aircraft Flooring: Floor crossbars, floor structure in aft fuselage; Fuselage Sections: Sections 13/14 & 16/18; Aircraft Interior Bulkheads: Aft pressure bulkhead
Ratier Figeac Aircraft & Helicopter Controllers: Cockpit sidestick controllers
Rockwell Collins Inc. Aircraft & Helicopter Controllers: Rudder/brake pedal assembly
SABCA Wing Flaps: Flap support systems
SK10 Andalucia Fairings: Belly fairing
Spirit AeroSystems Europe Ltd Wings: Wing leading edge
Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. Fuselage Sections: Composite centre fuselage frame section
Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. Kinston Fuselage Sections: Composite centre fuselage upper & lower shells (Section 15)
Strata Manufacturing PJSC Fairings: Wing flap track fairings

Airframe Systems / Cabin Interiors

Astronics Luminescent Systems Inc Cabin Signage & Displays: Passenger information signs
B/E Aerospace Business Class & Main Cabin Lavatory Equipment: VIP lavatories; Passenger Seating: Passenger seating (all classes); Galleys: Modular galley system; Galley Inserts: ; Aircraft Interiors: Cupboards, sidewalls, VCC
C & D Zodiac Lavatory Equipment: Lavatories
EADS Sogerma Passenger Seating: "Equinox" premium seats; Celeste premium economy seats
Fischer Advanced Composite Components AG Storage Bins: Housing, bins & spacers of overhead stowage bins
Jamco America Inc Passenger Seating: "Journey" premium business class seat
Panasonic Avionics Corporation Inflight Entertainment: Inflight entertainment & communication system
Recaro Aircraft Seating GmbH & Co. Passenger Seating:
Zodiac Seats France Passenger Seating: Cirrus & Arcus business class seating
Zodiac Seats US LLC Passenger Seating: 5810 premium economy seat

Airframe Systems / Cargo Systems

AmSafe Bridport Ltd. Cargo Systems: Cargo hold nets
Telair International Cargo Systems: Lower deck cargo handling systems

Airframe Systems / Crew Seating

EADS Sogerma Crew Seating: Cockpit seating
UTC Aerospace Systems, Interiors Crew Seating: Cabin attendant seats

Airframe Systems / Environmental Systems

CTT Systems AB Air Conditioning Equipment: Zonal drying & humidification systems
Daher-Socata SAS Acoustic Insulation: With Triumph; Thermal Insulation: With Triumph
General Ecology Inc. Water Purification Systems: Versa Pure AC-3 drinking water microfiltration system
Honeywell Aerospace Air Conditioning Equipment: Air management system
Triumph Insulation Systems Thermal Insulation: Primary thermal acoustic insulation

Airframe Systems / Fluid Power

Aerolia Hydraulic Systems & Equipment: Hydraulic & cabin systems tubes & pipes
Flexial Corporation
Parker Aerospace Fluid Conveyance Systems: Main landing gear hydraulic fluid conveyance system, inc. swivel joints, quick disconnects, rigid tubes & flexible hoses (for Messier-Dowty)
Parker Aerospace Fluid Systems Hydraulic Systems & Equipment: Hydraulic engine build-up system; includes tubes, hoses, & attaching hardware to convey aircraft hydraulic power between engine-mounted pumps & aircraft; high-temperature hoses that channel fuel to engine
Parker Aerospace Hydraulic Systems Hydraulic Systems & Equipment: Hydraulic power generation & distribution system, including pumps, reservoirs, manifolds, accumulators, thermal control, isolation, and software
PTI Technologies Inc. Hydraulic Filters: Hydraulic system assemblies, components & filter elements

Airframe Systems / Landing Assemblies

Bromford Industries Ltd Aircraft Landing Gear: Components and sub assemblies (through Messier-Bugatti-Dowty)
DMP - Desarrollos Mecanicos de Precision, S.L. Shock Absorbers & Mounts: Shock absorber system for main landing gear (through Messier Dowty)
Ford Aerospace Ltd. Aircraft Landing Gear: Landing gear components
Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH Aircraft Landing Gear: Nose landing gear
Messier-Bugatti-Dowty Aircraft Landing Gear: Main landing gear; Aircraft Landing Gear: Electronic & hydraulic landiing & braking control systems; Aircraft Wheels: Two nose & eight main wheels; Carbon Brakes: SepcarbIII OR carbon brakes
Premium AEROTEC GmbH Aircraft Landing Gear: Main landing gear attachments
UTC Aerospace Systems, Landing Gear Aircraft Landing Gear: Main landing gear (A350-1000)
UTC Aerospace Systems, Wheels & Brakes Aircraft Wheels: ; Carbon Brakes: DURACARB carbon brakes

Airframe Systems / Oxygen Systems & Equipment

B/E Aerospace Business Class & Main Cabin Oxygen Systems:
Carleton Technologies Inc. Oxygen Systems: Emergency oxygen systems

Airframe Systems / Safety & Security Systems

Astronics Luminescent Systems Inc Emergency Lighting Systems: Electrical emergency lighting
BaseWest Emergency Lighting Systems: Escape slide lighting systems and applicable test equipment, battery packs and wiring harnesses
Kidde Aerospace & Defense Safety Equipment: Overheat detection system
Lufthansa Technik Emergency Lighting Systems: ColourFit floor-path marking system
Meggitt - (ex Pacific Scientific Brands) Fire Fighting/Detection Systems: Halon-free engine fire extinguishing system; cargo bay fire suppression system
Meggitt Safety Systems Inc. Fire Fighting/Detection Systems: Fire protection system
UTC Aerospace Systems, Sensors & Integrated Systems Aircraft Security Equipment: External video system, including 3 external digital video cameras & 2 concentrator-multiplexer for video (CMV) avionics modules

Avionics / Avionic Components

L-3 Communications Aviation Recorders Accelerometers: Accelerometers
Lytron, Inc. Avionics Heat Exchangers: SCS condenser

Avionics / Communications (Airborne)

HR Smith (Technical Developments) Ltd Communication Antennas: Antennas
Rockwell Collins Inc. Radio Communications Equipment: Communication Global Work package - incorporating next generation VHF & HF systems; ARINC 781 satellite communications system with low profile antenna and dual Swift Broadband; avionics communications router; audio system; Gatelink
TEAM t/a Cobham Avionics Radio Frequency Management Systems: Radio/audio integrated management system

Avionics / Flight and Data Management

DDC-I, Inc. Onboard Computers: Deos realtime operating system for external cameras & cockpit video system
Honeywell Aerospace Electronic Systems Avionics Management Systems: Aircraft Environmental Surveillance System
L-3 Communications Aviation Recorders Flight Recorders: Cockpit voice recorders & flight data recorders
Rockwell Collins Inc. Avionics Management Systems: Avionics full duplex switched ethernet data network system; Flight Management Systems: Information Management Onboard solution
Thales Avionics S.A. Avionics Management Systems: Integrated modukar avionics suite

Avionics / Imaging and Visual Systems

Honeywell Aerospace Electronic Systems Weather Mapping Radar: IntuVue advanced weather radar

Avionics / Indicators and Instruments

Crane Aerospace & Electronics Fuel Flow Rate Indicators: Fuel flow transmitter (through Esterline, for Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engine)
Korry Electronics Co LED Displays: LED switches & indicators
Rockwell Collins Inc. Radar/Radio Altimeters: Digital low range altimeter
Staco Systems Keyboards: 64-key panel mount keyboards (for Panasonic eX3 in-flight entertainment & aviation communications system)
Thales Avionics S.A. Head-Up Displays: ; Air Data Computers: Air data & inertial reference unit; Electronic Flight Instrument Systems: Interactive control & display system
UTC Aerospace Systems, Sensors & Integrated Systems Air Data Computers: Air data system

Avionics / Navigation Aids (Airborne)

Rockwell Collins Inc. Multi-Mode Receivers (MMR): Multi-mode receiver; Automatic Direction Finders: ADF-900; Distance Measuring Equipment: DME-2100; VOR (Omnirange) Receivers: VOR-900 VHF receiver

Power Systems / Auxiliary Power

Honeywell Aerospace Auxiliary Power Units: HGT1700 auxiliary power unit, installation kit & starter-generator

Power Systems / Batteries & Accessories

SAFT Lithium Batteries: Lithium-ion battery systems for starting/emergency power

Power Systems / Electrical Power Systems

Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems (AES) Airborne Electrical Power Supplies: In-seat power system
Axon Cable SAS Cable Assemblies: MIL-STD-1553 databus harnesses
ECE Power Distribution Equipment: Primary electrical power distribution system (PEPDS); power contactors
Fokker Elmo BV Engine Harnesses: Electrical wiring for Trent XWB engine (through Rolls-Royce)
Silver Atena Electronic Systems Engineering GmbH Power Distribution Equipment: Development of secondary power distribution system
Thales Avionics Electrical Systems Power Conversion Equipment: Electrical power conversion system
UTC Aerospace Systems, Air Management Systems Emergency Generators: Ram air turbine
UTC Aerospace Systems, Electric Systems Airborne Electrical Power Supplies: Electric power generation system; solid state power controllers
Vermillion Inc. Cable Assemblies: Ram air turbine cable assembly

Power Systems / Engine Components

Alenia Aermacchi S.p.A. Engine Inlets: Inlets & fan cowls
ATK Alliant Techsystems Inc. Engine Fan Casings: Composite aft fan cases
CTRM Aerocomposites Sdn Bhd. Nacelles: Aft cascade ring
Esterline Advanced Sensors - Weston Aerospace Ltd Engine Health Monitoring: Engine sensor suite
Fischer Advanced Composite Components AG Engine Parts: Nacelle translating sleeves (for Goodrich)
GKN Aerospace Engine Systems Engine Housings: Intermediate compressor case (for Rolls-Royce)
Goodrich Engine Components Engine Nozzles: Fuel nozzles
ITP - Industria de Turbo Propulsores, S.A. Engine Parts: Low pressure turbine for Trent XWB
Kawasaki Aerospace Engine Parts: Intermediate pressure compressor (for Rolls-Royce Trent XWB)
McStarlite Company Nacelles: Inlet lipskins
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation Turbine Engine Blades: Low pressure turbine blades; Engine Parts: Combustion system
Pall Aerospace Co. Engine Air Filters: Filtration system for Trent XWB engine (through Rolls-Royce)
Sumitomo Precision Products Co. Ltd. Engine Heat Exchangers: Heat management system
Techspace Aero S.A. Stators: Low pressure compressor stators for GEnx engine
TITAL GmbH Engine Parts: Aluminium & titanium structural components for TrentXWB engine (to Hispano-Suiza)
UTC Aerospace Systems, Aerostructures Nacelles: ; Thrust Reversers:

Power Systems / Engines

GE Aviation - Aircraft Engines Turbofan Engines: GEnx engines
Rolls-Royce Plc Civil Aerospace Turbofan Engines: Trent XWB engines

Power Systems / Fuel Systems

Eaton Aerospace Ltd Fuel Pumps: Main engine fuel pump & engine build up sub-systems for Trent XWB engine
Eaton Fuel Systems Division Fuel Pumps:
Nichols Airborne Division Fuel Pumps: Engine feed & transfer fuel pumps
Parker Aerospace Electronic Systems Fuel Management Systems: Fuel measurement system & fuel management system
Parker Aerospace Fluid Systems Fuel Pumps: Oil pump that feeds oil to bearings & gearboxes & scavenges return oil
Parker Aerospace, Air & Fuel Division Fuel Inerting Systems: Fuel tank inerting system

Power Systems / Power Transmission

BMT Aerospace International Gears & Assemblies: Rack & pinion gears for slat-slat/track mechanism
Hispano Suiza Gearboxes: Accessory gearbox package, including accessory gearbox, transfer gearbox, angle drive shaft, step aside gearbox, radial drive shaft, oil tank assembly, higg pressure & radial drive shaft bevel gears

Production / Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Corena USA Inc. CIM Software: S1000D software
Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp. Computer-aided Engineering: Finite element analysis software
SAMTECH Group Computer-aided Engineering: CaeSAM structure analysis environment ISAMI

Production / Handling Equipment

RHC Lifting Limited Cranes: Advanced crane system for GKN wing facility

Production / Hot Forming

Forgital Group Forging: Titanium forgings for fan-case containment system & mount ring

Production / Inspection Equipment

M. Torres Disenos Industriales S.A. Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment: Ultrasonic inspection systems
Third Dimension Software Ltd. Precision Measurement Equipment: GapGun MX+ calibrated optical geometry system

Production / Machining

Handtmann CNC Technologies Inc. Machining Systems: Structural parts machining
M. Torres Disenos Industriales S.A. Milling: Milling systems with flexible tooling; Cutting Equipment: Ultrasonic cutting systems
Novator AB Drilling Equipment: Orbital Portable M-Series drilling units for pylon assembly

Production / Measurement

ATS-Global Ltd Optical Measurement Equipment: Shimming measuring system using ASI DataMyte FixSpalt
FARO Technologies Inc Laser Measuring Equipment: Laser tracker ION units
Kahn Industries Inc./Kahn & Co Dynamometers:

Production / Metal Processes

Unison Ltd Tube Bending: Precision tube bending machine for manufacture of fuel & bleed air tubing systems by PFW Aerospace

Production / Production Control

OATSystems, Inc. Identification Tags: RFID asset tracking system (for Parker)

Production / Production Equipment

Accudyne Systems, Inc. Laminating Equipment:
COAST Composites, Inc. Moulds: Stringer moulds (for ATK)
ITS Europe NV Materials Handling Equipment: Remote-controlled wheel transport system with lifting table to move and lift jig tools up to 7 ton
LAP GmbH Laser Positioning Equipment: Laser projection systems for use in manufacture of carbon fibre components
LASELEC SA Marking Equipment: Cable & wire laser marking equipment
Thermal Equipment Corp. Autoclaves: For Spirit Aerosystems

Production / Technical Consultants

ETCEL (Enabling Technologies Consulting Engineers Ltd.) Engineering Design Services: Design & structural analysis of empennage
QFP s.r.l Engineering Management Services: Engineering consultancy services for forward, aft and bulk cargo doors & passenger door #4; Engineering consultancy services for certification of passenger door #1, #2, #3 and #4 (A350-900); Engineering consultancy services for new cargo door mechanism design concept (A350-1000)
QuEST Global Engineering Ltd. Engineering Design Services: Engineering design & analysis support
Sener Ingenieria & Sistemas SA Engineering Design Services: Design studies for belly fairing & tailcone (for Alestis Aerospace)

Production / Tooling

Alpex Technologies GmbH Tooling: Inboard & outboard flap tooling; Jigs & Fixtures: Milling fixtures & assembly jigs; mounting and milling jig for CFRP pressure bulkhead with vacuum clamping system
COAST Composites, Inc. Tooling: Fuselage frame tools (for ATK); fuselage mould tooling (for Spirit); Jigs & Fixtures: Assembly jigs (for ATK)
Electroimpact Tooling: Outer wing box
M. Torres Disenos Industriales S.A. Laser Tooling: Laser scribers with flexible tooling
Manufax Engineering Ltd. Tooling: Wing leading edge & rear spar tooling
Odyssey Inc. Jigs & Fixtures: Assembly fixtures (for ATK)
UMECO Tooling: Large-scale tooling mandrels (for GKN)

Production / Tools

Alpex Technologies GmbH Special Purpose Tools: INVAR Infusion Tools for CFRP-spars including lay-up tools & intensifiers; RTM-tools for the production of window frames
Lomas Engineering Limited Cutting Tools:
M. Torres Disenos Industriales S.A. Insertion/Removal Tools: Automatic clip installation system

Testing / Test Equipment

EADS Test & Services Automated Test Equipment:
EMC Partner AG Test Equipment: ; Signal Generator Test Equipment: Fx-AMD-24C plug & play module
NTS National Technical Systems Automated Test Equipment: ATE for testing of trimmable horizontal stabilzer actuator (for Rockwell Collins)
TechSAT GmbH Test Benches: System & function integration benches; Test Equipment: LRU test systems; slat flap control computer test sysem; ventilation control test system; cabin integration system; fuel quantity & remote data concentrators; AFDX & A429 bus interfaces
Testek, Inc. Test Stands: Generator test stand (variable frequency generator); Fuel Test Equipment: Fuel test stand; Automated Test Equipment: Automatic test equipment test stand; Hydraulic Test Equipment: Hydraulic test stand
Triumph Aerospace Systems - Newport Test Stands: Test rig for Trent 1000 engine
Vector Informatik GmbH Electronic Analysers: Software tool for LRU & network analysis; Electric/Electronic Test Equipment: Oscilloscope for CAN busline voltage; Electric/Electronic Test Equipment: Software tool for measurement & calibration
Wineman Technology, Inc. Hydraulic Test Equipment: Hydraulic system integrator test rig; hydraulic heater valve test stand

Testing / Test Services

Airbus Filton
CTA - Aeronautical Technologies Centre Testing Services: Testing for elevator, HTP & main landing gear box components
Peters Engineering (G.F. Peters & Partner GmbH) Stress Analysis: Stress analysis of rear fuselage skins & stringer, rear pressure bulkhead. Systems interface/zone management forward & rear fuselage
Wineman Technology, Inc. Testing Services: Cargo actuator testing


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